A very good place to start…


I am made of melodies, memories, and words. So naturally this post and any that come after will be comprised of some combination thereof.

I have been a music addict since I have been aware of my mortal existence. I am known to spend money on new music before food and rent, then revel in it while deftly avoiding any thought of the real world. Books too, but even as popular as being bookish is these days music comes first!

The music unlocks my memories, I listen and I can vividly remember things as clear as if they were still happening. I can feel things I felt again just as acutely. It’s always been this way for me.

The first was Melissa Etheridge’s Must Be Crazy For Me, which I fondly call my biscuit song. The reason why is that whenever I hear that song I instantly remember being six or seven years old, home alone in the living room blasting her music and eating reheated Bakewell biscuits my mother made the night before. I can even taste them on some days.

But mostly the music creates it’s own worlds within my brain. Worlds that I am in the process of trying to bring into reality, rather unsuccessfully at present. A struggle I have been partnered with since I made myself into a nature-based superhero fighting a secret alien invasion of Earth. Which is still kinda a thing, just so you are aware.

You see while I am lucky to have a decent talent for conveying ideas and such in written form, my proliferation is lacking greatly. There is an abundance of excuses and issues explaining the ‘why’ which I completely acknowledge as the bullshit they are.

Brilliant but lazy. My stories kick ass and leave you wanting more, but the mind they choose to grace is unfortunately stuck in the body of the most lethargic and apathetic woman alive.

So this is what you can expect moving forward. Music references, anecdotes that literally have no relevance to you, and hopefully the start of finishing my story.

Well then, shall we begin?


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