Write like an Earthbender!


I have my fair share of abandoned blogs out there in the ‘verse. NaNoWriMo is the reason why.

National Novel Writing Month: 30 days, 50,000 words, and a whole lot of broken dreams. But somehow every time this rolls back around my eyesight gets a hell of a lot rosier, smile a little brighter, and hope deliriously that this will be the month I walk away with a finished novel draft.

For further insight, I offer up my very first blog from five years ago for another project, When Heroes Fall. Under the pseudonym Rae Lavallee.

It is a very simple pattern. The month before NaNoWriMo my writing senses tingle, and for days I sit with paper and pen weaving together plot and characters into my opus. Midnight on day one, butt firmly planted and the word count flying. Then it all tapers off into nothing.

Then I realized I need to be more like Toph.


There will never be an easier way to write other than just sitting your ass in front of writing implements and doing the work. Maybe one day they will build a machine to literally pull the story from your head with no effort on your part, but it is not this day and most likely not this lifetime.

It’s just you against the blank page, which I will concede is a terrifying thing. But necessary to the completion of your novel. Even the creators of NaNoWriMo admit that it is a challenge of quantity over quality, so who are you to get caught up in perfectionism? Besides, isn’t it better to have a crappy novel draft to edit than no novel at all?

So here I am again at the start of Julys Camp NaNoWriMo, ready to beat my head into a rock and hope for the best. And on that note…



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