So given that tomorrow is the first official day of Camp NaNoWriMo and I already have over five blog posts on everything but my actual project, it might be time to let you in a bit to see what’s going on this next month.

Honestly, I’m not keeping it close because I worry about someone stealing my idea. Well, not entirely worried that is. My excuse is simply that the story isn’t finished yet, by which I mean that anything I tell you now regarding my story I will pretty much instantly contradict it. My main girl today is nothing like she was when I created her on a swing in my backyard at six years old. She’s nothing like she was a month ago.

The story is still developing in me. People I thought were crucial to the story are taking a back seat, and the woman I wanted running things is becoming more of a villain than my hero. So I hesitate to lay down anything in stone on this blog when I know I can discard it in an instant.

For example, my main girl started out in a more recentish version as a human slave working in the engineering department of alien headquarters in a post-apocalyptic earth where they converted an old hospital into a research facility.

Now she is the reluctant leader of a rebellion that she uses as a cover to her own ends.

That was pretty much within a year that she made this switch. And you can only imagine what the other guys have gone through.

So that is why I won’t tell you much about the story because I can’t even decide if my main girl will know her father/mother or not and if it’s even valid to the plot.

Just know as before, there is a girl and she fights the evil aliens.

This is the only constant.


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    1. Exactly. I like how Stephen King puts it, writing is like digging up a fossil. Your mind will fill in what you can’t see, but that doesn’t mean you’re right.

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