On Writing


This my friends is a very modest part of my huge ass collection of books strictly on the subject of writing. I am ashamed to admit how much money I laid down for such a collection, but that is neither here nor there.

But what you see above are a few of those special ones, while not magically infusing me with writerly mojo, still offer some good and needed advice.

Today as part of my Influence and Inspiration series I have decided to share with you my first ever book on writing by an author I greatly admire. Aptly titled On Writing, by Stephen King.

My first read through came just after I had finished Eyes of the Dragon and Rose Madder. And I hated it.

Why? Because he was brutally honest. Not just about his life, which was eerily like mine at its start, but about writing itself.

You see, at this early point in my writing journey  (like eighth grade) I didn’t want to be told that writing was about putting the work in or that you had to read to be a good author.

I wanted a book that would instantly make me a writer. I actually believed that such a book existed.

So I, the inexperienced teen with no writing qualifications, slammed the thing down and was determined to prove that famous and insanely prolific man wrong.

Seriously, laugh all you want. I am.

So as life and the world brought me down where I belonged, and I finally learned enough humility to accept being wrong, I picked up the book again and read it cover to cover.

There is a very solid reason why Stephen King is the king of writing that he is. And if you read this book you’ll see that he holds back nothing, it’s nothing but raw uncushioned truth.

Stephen King rules his turf because even as wild as he writes, he writes with complete honesty. Whether it’s about his hard childhood or ghosts invading a lake house he never embellished or softened his work.

As a fellow Mainer and someone raised in a similar situation, when I reread On Writing I finally connected to what he was saying. I guess I grew up enough to recognize the truth when I saw it, and appreciate it as well.

If you haven’t picked up this book, even as just a fan of his fiction, you are really missing out on getting to know the story behind a really awesome guy. I highly recommend it!


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