I have talked a lot about honesty on here, and I think it’s time to tell you exactly what I mean by it.

As children we are taught the simplest form of honesty, to not lie. Did you take the last cookie? Did you put glue in that boy’s hair? And if the lesson stuck you would respond with the absolute truth, regardless of what the consequences were for you. Unfortunately, though, very few grow up past that basic definition of honesty.

Honesty is about so much more than not lying to others, it applies just as much to what we tell ourselves in our heads as well. There are so many little lies in there that are so easy to cater to because they protect our egos and comfort us that many never question them or try to look past them.

Blame is one of the biggest lies out there, and you see it more and more every day. There is so much going wrong in the world today that is beyond any one person’s control. With an impossible task at hand, it’s easier to point a finger and tell yourself it isn’t your problem.

You see it demonstrated every day, a used cup will be laying on the ground nearly everywhere you look and hundreds of people will walk past it . Each one of them confident in doing so because they weren’t the ones to drop the cup so they aren’t responsible for picking it up. But in reality it doesn’t matter if it isn’t your mess, if you are entirely capable of bending over and picking up that cup you have the same responsibility to do so as the one who dropped it.

We all share a part of this world, and we all have the same duty to protect it and keep it the best we can. Does it suck that there are thoughtless and disrespectful people out there? Of course! But it should be obvious by now that it isn’t enough to just take care of ourselves and our own messes. See a need, fill a need. If you aren’t willing to help absolutely whenever you are able you are just as much of a problem as those dumping their trash on the street.

Seriously, if someone is standing still and bitching about the cup on the ground would you find that acceptable? So why do we accept a society that does nothing but bitch about absolutely every damn cup on the ground without doing anything, then bitch again about why nothing is changing?

We hear it today that this and that is wrong with the world because them or they did that or this. Enough! I’m sure we all know by now the world is fucked up, most of us live here already. If you really want change how about we start hearing from the people who are actually doing this and that to solve that and this which is wrong.

That is the simple honest truth.


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