The Genre


The great thing about writing a blog for yourself, particularly one that doesn’t get a lot of verbal feedback, it doesn’t matter what you write.

For example, to those few who do follow me, I bet not a single one of you were sitting there as you read my latest post and thought, hey I want to hear more about this Genre playlist of yours! But you are today. Because I can, and I will.

The first thing, why call it The Genre? Easy, because it is a genre of me! I, like most of you, don’t keep my music taste neatly contained in a single grouping or favorite artist. So I have gathered up all the classic, the crazy, and the eclectic songs that I love into one long and growing playlist. So it is literally my Genre.

There are a few ways that a song makes it into The Genre.

The original way is nostalgia. Songs that I grew up with as my taste was developing, the headbanging classic rock and metal that my mother would clean house to or the boy bands and pop princesses of the 90’s. These are songs that are like curling up with my blankie all safe and sound.

Another way is simply if makes me feel good. And I will admit this is how you find a lot of stupid and nonsensical songs on the list. From Tiny Tim to Milkshake, if it makes me laugh or want to dance around like an idiot I’m adding it.

The last way is sort of like the only way, the final test to determine a song’s worth in my head and ultimately on the list. That is if it can produce from its melody to its lyrics a vivid visual in my brain that can relate or be related to the stories I am writing.

These are songs where I can almost be completely engulfed in the epic battles, and laugh my ass off with the comedy and insanity. Every single song on this list has a scene that it goes with. Usually, not a very important plot filled one, but there is a story with everyone to be sure.

And this is why the Genre exists, and why then I share it with you as a part of my blog (mostly) on writing.

So I put this to you my few and faithful. My selection from the Genre for this post is…Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles. While Journey of the Sorcerer is my favorite of theirs, why do you think it made the cut? What do you think I see when I hear it play? Let’s see how many here want to play!


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