Before the start of this paragraph, I have already written 22 individual posts totalling 12,867 words alone on this blog. For my novel or any fiction really, I would estimate around 500 words or less.

12,867:500 in favor of this blog.

I am a horrible writer of fiction!

Now I’m not saying this blog is a fruitless endeavour, averaging at least one new follower for each post (Thanks Guys!) and about two likes, this is the most successful writing challenge I ever set for myself. Yet, grateful as I am ultimately on my deathbed I am not going to be content with a moderately liked blog to show for my life’s work.

What I want is to share the story that has been in my head since I was a tot on the yellow plastic swing in my backyard. And that isn’t going to happen while I’m on here blabbing on about not doing it, or things that I am doing while not doing it.

And here I am looking at my admin page for the blog, and how cheap it is to register it as when I am not even trying to be a real author. I’m like, no you don’t deserve that kind of validation or official looking(ness).

One of my many books on writing happen to include No Plot? No Problem! which is the companion how-to book for NaNoWriMo. In it is a classic bit of wisdom that tells you to reward your progress with a treat when you reach certain milestones.

But since I have the willpower of a two-year-old, most acceptable forms of reward like candy and such are out. So my thinking is, how about when I manage to produce a finished and shareable draft of a novel I make this blog an official page for my fandom to come?

Trust me, there will much rejoicing. Several posts and irrelevant updates. I will scream it to the heavens! Lord help you all when or if I actually get published.


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