We interrupt your regularly scheduled post prattling about how I am not writing to bring you this special unforeseen bulletin, a completed scene of my novel to be…

Zupaite paced in sharp circles around the main deck of the ship, her face gray with fatigue and eyes dark as the storm. Her fears were cloaked so obviously around her shoulders weighing them down.

“It’s time I ended this.”

Her mind set on her own freedom she marched through the doors to the bay where Siege was plotting undoubtedly the next steps of her mysterious master plan, only to find the monster in question laying half undressed and unconscious on a bench. Her body curled tightly together and her thumb stuck firmly in her mouth.

“Wake up!” Zupaite screamed as she hit Siege with her own discarded coat.

With which the great murderess awoke with a pathetic whimper and moan as she fought for her sleep. Zupaite was merciless, and would not yield the coat until Siege cracked and popped her way to an upwards position. Her amber eyes dimmer than usual rimmed with dark creases.

“What.” she groaned back while trying to fall asleep vertically.

“You will release me immediately!” she replied sharply.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Siege declared, “You were the one who decided to follow me.”

“That was when I had a hope for your redemption, but I will no longer be a part of your mad schemes. Not after your actions this night!”

Bleary eyed, Siege’s face attempted to scoff back at the accusation. While looking more like a seizure, she was confident at least that her disgust was relayed through it.

“So because I revealed a handful of men to be a gaggle of ignorant asses and reveled in their idiocy as is my due being the superior mind, you are going turn tail and run home to mommy and daddy?” Siege’s voice went deep into an almost growl, “There is a word we used back home for instances like these.”

“And pray what would it be?”

“Whatever!” Siege dismissed Zupaite with the wave of her hand and flipped herself around mid-air to land horizontal and facing back to the hull of her ship.

“NO! You are not getting away with this.”

“The hell am I getting away with?” Siege questioned the wall, “Enjoying the classic comedy that comes from weaker minds?”

“Or rekindling a civil war and endangering my limited family!” Zupaite screamed in a manner most unfit for her, “Did your superior mind ever conceive that they will not go unpunished for supporting the Autonomists? Your own people?”

A groan from Siege conceded the point, but the tiny woman warrior offered only one other consolation. “The second we are safely landed you can grab your shit and shove off. No skin off my back, just a really annoying and vapidly moralistic monkey I won’t miss.”

“Agreed.” she replied, “I will begin packing my things immediately. Good evening then, Miss Cassidy.” she bid as she strode elegantly to her quarters.

“Fuck you too, bitch.”

Zupaite froze, considering her options in response. But Siege, or rather now, Cate Cassidy, spoke for her.

“Someday Zu Zu, you’ll see it doesn’t always pay to be all polite and proper. And I just hope I’m alive and there when you finally come undone from your repression. It’ll be a gas!”

“Yes,” she replied righteous snark, “because everything is about what best amuses you of course.”

“Misewell laugh as cry.” Cate shrugged. “There’s enough wrong with this world that I’d die crying, I’d rather be the corpse with a grin.”

Zupaite scoffed and continued on, but could not help picking up the burning sadness Cate silently emitted. Though she knew the tragedy of her story and it did hurt to abandon a soul in peril, she could no longer pretend that there was any helping her. The woman was too tangled with hate and rage, and acting out of pain and spite.

She had laid out the best path she could for Cate, and she did sincerely hope that soon her clouded eyes would clear and find it before this world brought about her doom.


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