Five Minutes

I have to walk out this door in five minutes and get myself ready to work. So this post will be exceedingly brief.

You may have noticed if you stalk this blog, or you may notice as you are notified about this new post, but I have been making some changes around here. Long story short, I was sick of my old theme. Considering I set it up over a year ago when I had no intention to actually write on it, it was a bit outdated.

What has left us is an old graphic that I cropped from a larger piece I made a few years back using mixed media techniques. Since living in my closet apartment I have not been able to do much mixed-media, so I don’t think it’s as important to showcase here now.

What has come into new being is a new set up, and a new image. If you have been watching there has been quite a few that I have cycled through, but I have landed on this one for a particular reason.

It’s not the greatest picture ever, and it was taken years and years ago on a low end flip phone. I was volunteering at my local library while job hunting to get an active resume, which of course meant that I was eyeballing a lot of books.

However, it is this particular set of books out of the thousands in that library that had meaning. Especially the negative space in between. This is where, were I to be officially published, my novel would be placed.

Given that is the main battle I am fighting right now, I find that it is a more appropriate header than before. A little something to aspire to.

I hope you all like it!


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