Clearly Wrong


Clearly, I am in the wrong line of writing.

So do you recall how last week I lamented the fact that after over two hours I could only produce 400 words of fiction? Pretty much a major bummer for me who only wants to be known as the next Tolkien or Stephen King.

Which brings us to tonight, when I happened upon a post from an old high school friend regarding a writing fellowship for female authors. I check it out to find that they have a category for reproductive rights, which is a topic I am both well versed on and very passionate about. All I need to apply are the basics like a cover letter and CV, plus three or more examples of my writing pertaining to the topic.

With my focus being on fiction, I have a little catching up to do for articles of that nature. But since I have ten days I am confident that I can achieve this, so I lay down my head to sleep until the perfect idea hits me. It was about abortion.

Now I will give you no specifics because I am not ready to turn this blog into a political or ethical shitfest, but the point I wish to make in telling you this is that in far less than two hours this very evening I managed to write a cohesive article on the subject totaling…1,500 words.

How the fuck did I manage that?

If I could write fiction as well as I write on controversial topics, I would be published a thousand times over by now. I would have won NaNoWriMo every single try. I would probably be rich enough to live in a much better place than I am now. And I would certainly not be working retail.

So the lesson here would obviously be this, write where your passion is.

To which the fiction writer in me whines, but I am passionate about my story!

And my logic responds, maybe you need to dig a little deeper and get more confident in your passions about your fiction and finish your gaddamed story! (Also, I am leaving that expletive typo in because it is both true to my natural speech and fucking hilarious!)

Basically, it takes passion and confidence to be a successful writer. You need to hold on to the courage of your convictions, which is hard when it comes to fiction where your world has very little to do with fact.

Abortion is all about the facts and tangible evidence, which is easier to speak to and argue than making and following a set of rules for a world that you made up. Worse still if you are a perfectionist like me that still wants to hold her made up world to some standard of truth.

I need to let my world be more of a fact than a fluid playground that I can design and change on a whim, assuming I want to share it with the rest of humanity. So I put this challenge to you fellow authors, and myself.

Let us write down the law of the land so to speak, and put it in ink exactly what your world is going to be. Because where my characters are well understood, the world(s) they inhabit are not. So I intend while taking this crazy week to build a complete writing profile from scratch to write out a list of all the solid and immutable facts of my world and stick to them.

Well, at least through the first draft anyway.

Until we meet again!

(P.S. Now exactly two hours later, this post makes over two thousand words…that is all.)



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