I Have Need of your Attention


First of all, if you get the reference you are my new bestest friend in the world!

Secondly, to those crazy few brave enough to follow you might have noticed things have been very quiet around these parts as of late. And glory be it wasn’t just for laziness or apathy this time. I actually did something important.

If you recall from my last post there was this thing with a fellowship. While I knew I would make an effort, then likely steam out from the fact that I had ten days to do it all from scratch. I figured I would just get some half assed articles written, then give up when I realized I had to write a cover letter and everything else too. As well as formatting everything (bane of my existance).

Well, would you believe it if I told you that in spite of my complete lack of knowledge regarding writing in any professional manner I threw together a cover letter and CV out of nowhere? And then had the audacity to submit the whole thing?

But I did. As of one half hour ago I am entered in the running for Bitch Media’s Reproductive Rights and Justice Fellowship. There is an excellent chance I will not succeed since I have never really applied myself to writing professionally, and the fact that I have no real publishing experience.

The important thing though is that I took the chance, and put myself out there bravely with no shame. Which is really the only way I will learn.

I won’t know until December 1st for sure if I made it or not, but if I do it will be the greatest opportunity of my life so far. I can’t wait to learn so much more and be able to better share what I have learned through my own healing to help those of you out there who need it.

Wish me luck!


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