NaNo Go Go


Call it hypocrisy, call it flakiness, call it what you will. I am doing NaNoWriMo.

I know I stated for specific reasons why I wasn’t going to in my post titled NaNo No Go and that I was resolute in doing so. But then they revamped the NaNoWriMo site today, and there was this void where my profile didn’t have a novel. I just snapped.

So here I am with my NaNoWriMo Author Profile all set to go and my mystery project I call The Chronicler set up waiting on a cover, and I’m asking myself why?

I’m still in retail, still totally bogged down with work and life stress that I can’t get past to save my soul. So what change has happened that makes me so giddy for another round of noveling hell?

Nothing, nothing has changed.

I still love writing, and I still want to win. And that, in the end, is all it takes.

So whatever, yeah I’m attempting NaNoWriMo once again. And I likely will every single round until I come out with that 50,000 words. Win or not, what does it matter?

The point of NaNo No Go was simply to state that I wanted to do things on my own terms as a writer. But NaNoWriMo always is on our own terms, being that it is a self-challenge and all. You make of it what you want.

Which is how I am coming to say, in dealing with all the valid points of the last NaNoWriMo post, that I am declaring myself a NaNo Rebel.

Because there is no possible way for me to have the brain space in November with all the forthcoming retail hell I have decided, as is my right, to not do NaNoWriMo in the eleventh month. Instead, I will be attempting said feat in this the tenth month.

Starting today, and conveniently being the first day that opens again for it’s writing masses, I will begin my quest anew for that illustrious 50,000 word novel. One entire month early while the rest of my NaNo brethren are away slaving at their plots and mock book covers I will be hacking away at my word count.

You know what else traditionalists? My goal, my firmly set and carved in stone goal? Only 30,000 words. Because, my personal best is 30,000 words in two months, and really all I want is to beat myself.

And you know what else even more? I already had a title page and fifty words written two days before!

(Que evil maniacal laugh)

Seriously though folks, that is what NaNoWriMo is about. Challenging yourself with writing. NaNoWriMo provides the framework and guidelines as well as the online and real life support of like-minded individuals to help you through.

So for that alone people, give it your best shot. Do it for you and make it your own thing.

That is all…


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