Book Haul Part Two


I am a verified shut in. When left to my own devices with no social or legal obligations I will sit my ass down and do nothing but read, watch tv, and listen to my music. This is not one of my better qualities, and it is one I am trying to work on fixing.

But what could possibly entice this shut in, of her own free will, to leave the comfort of her bed and venture out into the world? A coffee filled writing date. Or to be more precise, going out for fast food to prepare my stomach for the caffeine I was about to consume and then going out for coffee and writing. Oh, the glory of the weekend after payday!

Then the drive-thru had to be packed, and since I had no food in me to fuel any rational decision I drove twenty minutes to my coffee shop of choice. I get there to order, and wouldn’t you know that the one stomach satisfying pastry of my choice was out of stock. Leaving me with a sugar laden brownie and my grande Pike’s with room.

So all of this raw energy on an empty stomach shot my noble noveling intentions in the foot, leaving me even now slightly vibrating out of my skin. But I was not going to waste the gas it took driving those twenty minutes for nothing!

You know what else is near my coffee shop of choice? My local Goodwill. And gee, with all this newly freed capital what red-blooded American wouldn’t want to take it out for a spin? Enter Book Haul part two.

Rebel Queen, By Jane Robins: Not for me, but for someone in my life who does not read this blog. An account of Caroline of Brunswick and how her trial nearly brought England to the brink of revolution.

What We Believe But Cannot Prove, edited by John Brockman: A collection of short bits from some great minds on things they intuitively believe but cannot yet prove. Already to page ten and loving it. Great for those like me with limited attention but still thirsty for knowledge.

Extremes, by A.J. Dunning: An exploration of human behavior taken to extremes. Cannibalism done for ritual rather than survival, the use of alcohol and drugs, etc. Promises to be an interesting read.

The Arrow of Time, by Peter Coveney and Roger Highfield: My prized story in the works focuses heavily on time travel, so when I come across a book that deals in any theory regarding time I am very likely to pick it up. Case and point.

A Midwife’s Tale, by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: This was going to be a present for my mother who loves the story of Martha Ballard until I got home and realized that I vaguely remember seeing it on her shelves already. So as I see it, now I have my own copy to read. An interesting local legend, I think it was still worth two bucks I spent on it.

A Night of Serious Drinking, by Rene Daumal: I have no idea what to make of this considering the back cover makes it sound like a Gullivers Travels told as a drunken romp. But that makes it all the more interesting to me.

The Joy of Words: A compilation of the best writing by some name I can’t find in the dark as I type this. Basically, includes a sample from every well known English author ever published. Currently, I have my finger bookmarking a passage from Shakespeare as I write this which I shall read once I finish this and endeavor to find better light.

So in conclusion, if one of you out there would be so kind as to start a go fund me to help me acquire a new bookshelf I would be forever grateful!


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