Amazing Thirty


In a matter of weeks, I will be thirty years of age. This is not a pleasant thought.

For one thing, while it wasn’t entirely unexpected, my self-selected goal of finishing a first draft of a novel before the big three zero is not going well. 3,332 words which are divided among a handful of short or unfinished scenes. Miracles might still be possible, but they are not something I am counting on.

For another, there is the fact that I honestly feel like I have lost all sense of direction and purpose in my life. The theory goes that it is only my situation that is in a rut, and if I manage to change one variable (say getting out of retail) there is a good chance my life will become more balanced and sane so that I might sort out what I am supposed to be doing.

All this aside, that still leaves me contending with this monumental occasion and no idea what to do with it. So it occurred to me then, why not go out of my young adulthood with some pomp and circumstance? Something to mark the occurrence with happiness and positivity.

Which brings us to this post.

To celebrate what I can only hope will be another thirty years, I have decided to reflect back on these past thirty years and try and find thirty amazing things I have done or experienced in my life. Given my attempts at listing them on paper before hand, this is not going to be an easy task.

Over the course of these few weeks, before my birthday hits, I will be posting thirty of what I hope are my most fun and awesome stories from my life as far as I have lived it. Some will be little snippets with a punchline, others might be sprawling epics in need of an edit. But they will all be true.

So sit back and enjoy the madness!


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  1. First of all, congratulations!!! I have a long way before I turn 30 and I hope I get to. It is one of the most anticipated time in my life, I cannot wait to be 30. It is this illuminating time in your life where you life is mostly in your hands, you’re halfway through your goals and so far ahead all the shit in life that weighed you down all the past years. If I could zoom through life, I’ll choose to skip to 30 as soon as possible.


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