Thank You


It has been almost a year now since I began posting on this blog in earnest. Maybe not as diligently as I had hoped when I started, but I have been steady and true in my own way. Adding posts as they come to me. Which if you knew me you would realize is a huge achievement.

This blog has embarrassed me, shamed me, and made me feel like an idiot and a spoiled child whenever a post runs over dry. But as much as I have wanted to cut and run to save my fragile ego, here I am still.

I think my original goal of keeping this an open and honest blog as I intended where I started was a success. What I have written to you is true to the lessons I’ve learned when I have learned them. No matter how disappointed I am in what I accomplish, I have not failed to speak the truth always.

I think it is that very honesty, and the drive to keep at it no matter how I feel that I’ve failed, which has made me grow into a better and more serious writer. Not just one who carries notebooks and pens around like fashion pieces, but someone who actually is writing day and night and working towards a singular goal.

And I have you guys to thank for that.

If it weren’t for you guys out there, liking my blog or following it, commenting your words of encouragement where they were needed, it might have gone very differently. But you lovely nameless people gave me my first real audience, a group of people to hold myself accountable to when it would be so easy to fade into nothing.

The victories of the last few weeks and those to follow are due in large part to you. Just having you there, even in silence, to watch as I battle against this whole noveling thing has meant a lot to me. You are like my secret band of cheerleaders that filled me with hope after every new follower, that maybe what I have to say is something worthwhile. Making it all the more important for me to say it.

To put it simply, thanks guys! You are amazing, even if you don’t believe it yet. And I sincerely wish all of you the very best, whatever your goals. You know, assuming your goals don’t include global domination and ritual sacrifices or the like.

Love you all! Keeping thinking good thoughts, and do good things! Trust me, the universe will reward every kindness.


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