Most adults realize there is more to comfort than curling up on a cushy surface, surrounding yourself with lots of soft blankets and pillows. You can be literally drowned in all the physical comforts and still not feel comfortable at all.

Peace of mind is an underrated comfort these days; if it ever was valued. It is the peace of knowing all your bills are up to date. It is knowing that your apartment is nearly white glove clean. And it is knowing when you go to work the next day that you get to start with a clean slate, with nothing backlogged from the week before.

It is the divine comfort of a clean conscience as you go about your day. Not having to stress about fifty other things as you focus on an untenable workload. Believe me, it makes all the difference to your worldview to get rid of all the seemingly tiny weights on your shoulders.

Thanks to the help of several people recently, I have been able to achieve this status for the first time in months! With some amazing support from my leadership at work, I will enter that building today with a bounce in my step. Because of them all I have to focus on is today’s workload and not the massive lot of product I haven’t been able to get to the floor for over a week.

Thanks to my mother, my apartment now looks like it’s magazine ready. You know, as much as a low-income apartment in the second worst part of town can be. With a lot of simplifying, and getting rid of useless crap that had no part in my life, I now feel comfortable in my own space.

And thankfully, in general, at least I never dropped the ball on my own bills. Pretty much the one point of pride I have in my adult life is that I am never late on my bills and that I have never (maybe once or twice I came close) overspent my budget so that it put me in a bind where I couldn’t pay.

And why is this so important?

Friday night is Camp NaNoWriMo part two. So for another month, I am going to shoot for 50,000 words towards my novel in the making. And just imagine, in April I made 27,000 words with the all the above weight on my shoulders. What wonders can I achieve when I am very nearly weightless? 30,000? 35,000? 60,000 or more?

I am ready for this, more so than I have been in my entire life. And it may just be a very good mood talking, but this may be the month I finally conquer 50,000 words. That is a very, very, very beautiful thought.


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