So, I have come to realize a not so nice fact about me since I printed my hard won novel. Something I would not expect out of little old humble me.

I will not shut up about the damn thing!

Basically, my entire conversational bucket is that novel. If I’m not speaking about it, I’m looking for ways to casually bring it up.

I drag my blue plaid binder on outings with friends, waiting for someone to ask me to read it. I pull up fresh scenes I’ve written on my laptop and practically beg for attention. 

Not that anyone has called me on it…yet, but it’s becoming obvious that I’m more excited about this thing than everyone else is. Which brings up a wee problem most creative types face. 

How to not be absolutely crushed by the lack of enthusiasm for your precious creation. 

And it’s simple, just realize that they literally cannot get excited about something that doesn’t exist to them. A big idea in your head and some digital fragments which don’t yet make sense mean nothing to them.

And dude, that’s A-OK. This is your very special alone time with your baby. Where it still is pure and exactly what you want it to be. Before others barge in with their own opinions and perspectives, which will make you question what book they actually read.

Seriously, consult your Stephen King on this. The man of timeless and simple writing wisdom himself says to write your first draft behind a closed door. So why invite that input? Good, bad, or most depressingly indifferent.

Yes, no one has been maniacally pawing at my work for a sneak peek. But, I have people who are proud of me for doing this and people who are legitimately impressed. And that is all I need. 

So, the binder is now put away until I am ready to add a fresh batch of scenes. And I will keep fueling my excitement by writing more and more of the story as I watch it…finally…come together at last. 


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