Midnight Calls


Can I just say how much I love that both Camp NaNoWriMo’s start on a Friday night? I get to leap right into my novel all weekend with no consequence. Hopefully taking a huge chunk out of my word count fresh out of the gate.

The fact that I will be buried in workload up past my eyeballs when I walk into work this morning is not even on my mind. I refuse to wear myself out with worry and eat up all my energy on retail crap. I will do my best, don’t get me wrong. But I am not going to make it out like it is life or death if I come clean or not.

Because tonight I have more important things to accomplish.

I am going to make this the month that I pass 50,000 words. I am determined, and I know from last month that I have the capability if I make myself focus. There is really nothing stopping me when I have no real obligations and time to kill all over the place.

I have my fully completed and updated PASK at my side, and a small little timeline map to give me a basic direction so I don’t let myself flounder on which way to go. And I have the absolute ravenous hunger to finish the whole damn series by the end of this year.

Basically, shit is going to happen. And it starts tonight, at midnight.


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