Great Balls of Fire!


When it rains, it friggin pours! And these days it’s coming down from all sides…

Worst for first, my job still sucks and is progressively getting worse. My car popped a tire and then got the death sentence from my mechanic during its yearly inspection. While not unexpected, it still leaves me without transportation.

My favorite, and tied for first in the craziest of my aunts, was involved in a fire which caused a lot of damage from smoke inhalation. This to a woman who wasn’t the healthiest of people, to begin with.  While she is steadily improving, she is still a long way from recovery.

And during this week or so that this has all been happening I have not jotted down one word for my novel.  Not even a snarky joke or bland stream of conscious. I don’t think I even tried to open my laptop, seeing that every free moment I’ve had has been spent trying to recover my sanity.

But, I did say it’s coming from all sides didn’t I?

Best for last, and frankly might make all this bullshit worthwhile. My past actions are now bearing fruit. All those applications I sent out for state positions, I’m starting to hear back. And frankly, it’s in abundance.

In the past three days, I have had four interview offers. Some by e-mail, some by phone, and even a snail-mail letter which made me feel very self-important. Still waiting to hear back about three of them for specifics, but I have my first interview this Monday and I am filled to the brim with anticipation.

Holy hell, it finally looks like I have a good shot of getting out of retail before Black Friday! No shit!

I don’t know what this will mean for my writing, as historically I don’t do so well when I am adjusting to new circumstances. But just the fact that I will have a dependable income, which will greatly help me in purchasing a new car to replace my poor old beast. The fact that I will have more options to grow too.

So enough of life for now, I bid you adieu as I close this entry and try to pick back up with Siege and Zu as they narrowly escape danger once again.


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