The Before


So in about an hour, I will be sitting helplessly in a lobby not far from where I am now, waiting and watching for my time to come. Today is the day of my first interview for a state position, which is like nothing I have ever done before in my life.

Understandably my nerves are not where I want them to be right now.

I have had so much support though for this entire process. From applying to picking out an interview outfit, to a dry run through interview questions. I am as ready as humanly possible to tackle this, even if I am more afraid of getting the job than of failing this interview.

This is where trusting the universe comes in to play. You can be spiritual and say the universe (or some god) places you right where you need to be, and whatever happens was cosmically supposed to happen. Or you can just be logical and accept that, pass or fail, this experience will teach you something that will make you better in the end.

Either way, I look forward to being on better terms with my stomach.

And on that note, let’s see how my story is coming. By which I mean it is not coming at all! I wrote this one scene, which I assume is funny as I have not read it over yet, which mirrored the morning I wrote it. I titled it “Shitstorm” and tossed Siege and Zu in a great big heap of (sarcasm) fun.

It starts with Siege and Zu on a hired boat west when all of the sudden Siege gets all dramatic and declares that a shitstorm is upon them. Zu, being the telepathic one, laughs it off and questions when Siege got her new divining powers. Then, starting the next morning it is a series of (sarcasm) fun events leading to them nearly getting captured by the enemy.

It wasn’t much since I only worked on it for about 45 minutes, but it showed a lot of growth on my part to keep writing even as the world was falling down around my ears. I used to shut down completely to the point that no one could get me out of bed or out of the house.

Of course now with this coming interview the world is rebuilding itself, and I’m not sure where it is going. I just know that I’m here for the ride.


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