Reasons Why


The reasons I have chosen writing as my divine torment are as follows…

  1. It is a non-performance artform that allows we introverts to express ourselves creatively in complete silence and out of sight.
  2. It is socially acceptable to be brooding and taciturn as a writer.
  3. It is a reasonable occupation to justify the bulk purchasing of office supplies.
  4. It is the most portable hobby imaginable.
  5. It is also a hobby you can accomplish while still appearing to be at work on something important.
  6. It validates any incessant daydreaming.
  7. It gives you even more power over lives than the Sims or any other version of reality.
  8. It is one art where even if you don’t make it big, you can still be a bigger success than most attempter’s just for finishing a project. Let alone publish something.
  9. But when you do make it big, you make it so big!
  10. Because I fucking want to.

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