Plotober 2017

When Heroes Fall

It is decided.

The novel I will be chipping away at furiously next month is something that I have meant to do for a very long time and is probably the story with the most failed attempts out of them all. This is When Heroes Fall.

A prequel of sorts now to my ‘opus’ which I kicked ass with in April, it was actually supposed to be the story until I realized that there were two very different tales. For years I fought it, trying to merge too many storylines just so I could write about my favorite child. To no avail.

While one effects the other, they are very separate. So roughly three years ago I made the big split with my alliterative trilogy and now it’s single prequel as pictured above. It was a vague idea in my head, something I promised myself I would play with once my trilogy was done and famous and my readers wanted more.

Then last month as I spun in my nice new office chair trying to look productive the story hit me as vividly as anything else from the trilogy had. Not quite moving me to tears yet like some of the scenes I already wrote, but enough to tell that the story is here and ready to be told.

 It was as simple as the opening scene, where a bright-eyed and barely thought about character suddenly burst out ready to drive the whole thing like it was her idea all along. And I pondered it for awhile, thinking of all the millions of other projects crying to be released.

But seeing as it seems to be the year of following fate and intuition, I gave this girl the reigns. Now she is going to take charge next month and hopefully bring me 50,000 words to call my own. Maybe even a bright start to an awesome literary future.

Besides, I’m looking forward to writing the epilogue which will tie in with my trilogy very nicely. And I am not allowed to touch it until I finish…so there!


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