What Makes a Good Idea


I don’t pretend to speak for everybody out there, but as far as I’m concerned finding an idea is the easy part. Yet given the amount of products sold as prompts and inspiration I gather this isn’t the case for everyone. And I think I know why.

Those of you who find it more difficult to find their muse, my thought is that you guys just have a more highly advanced filter which weeds out the more ridiculous notions. Unlike those of us who put anything that makes us giggle on paper. Since you most likely are going to spend years of your life on this project, it’s not a terrible idea itself.

Then again, what is a good idea? Is it even possible in this day and age to make something fresh and unique? Old and new these days go around in one big cycle that gets faster with each pass. Already some things I loved growing up have come back around…twice. I’M ONLY THIRTY!

As such many of us tend to dissect an idea to death and then try to piece it back together like a Frankenstein monster of what we think would sell a story. Which only ends up looking revoltingly sloppy to readers as they pick out all the undead bits of story bait which were supposed to lure them in.

In a word…don’t.

Of course, my take on what makes a good idea may not fit in your worldview. But here it is anyway. To me, a good idea is a writer writing something they love. The contents of which don’t really matter, only how it is written. As a reader, I know when an authors heart is not in the story. Nothing kills a story more to me than that.

Not that it’s easy. I contend with the fact that my beloved opus is a mish-mash of all the funny action tropes and that romantic drama that’s older than Pride and Prejudice. I can pick out scenes and dialogue from my old favorite shows and movies, and constantly wonder if it will be as transparent to my readers.

But the thing is, I love it. Given the chance to wander in my head, that is where I go to play. It’s a story I would read or watch a million times and never get bored. It’s a story that gets me feeling emotional about imaginary people (though there is a part of me that isn’t quite convinced they aren’t real).

Logically speaking, if I feel this passionate about it (believe me I am not a passionate person by nature) someone else out there has got to feel the same way. Someone else has to be able to feel the same power behind the story that I do. It’s more than faith, it’s a statistical fact.

That is my good idea. What’s yours?


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