The Importance of a Good Theme


I have known since I was a kid that music was pure energy. I would go as far to say that it sustains me more than anything like sunny days, fond memories, or even food. Nothing fills me up with more human spirit than an expertly composed kick-ass theme song.

Case and point, I just purchased the Wonder Woman theme for my phone and am listening to it on repeat as I write. Just the percussion in the background like a pounding heartbeat and I am hooked. Nothing makes me want to pick up a sword and swing it around like Xena Warrior Princess more than this, except maybe the actual Xena theme.

This is the kind of epic music that has shaped me. I have a mile long list of all the brilliant movie themes and the scenes I see playing behind my eyes to go with them going strong in my head. Seriously give me any emotion or atmosphere and I can list them off. There are songs that bring me to tears to this day, decades later.

Seriously I feel so deeply when I’m listening to music, and I am so vulnerable, I cannot listen while I write. Because all my attention is turned inward wanting to watch the story that plays out as I listen. Then I can’t focus on getting that story onto paper. Which is very frustrating since I feel the story most powerfully when I have my headphones in.

Maybe I could discipline myself to avoid drifting off like that. But honestly, I don’t want to. When I listen to music I want to be completely absorbed in it. No external distractions, no real-world responsibility.  Just me, the music, and the story.

 Which is why, more than the accomplishment of finishing the first draft or of even publishing the thing, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is the chance that someday there might be someone composing a theme just for my story. That my creation will be playing up there on the big screen and have a chance to be surrounded by a powerful score of its very own.

That is what I’m shooting for this NaNoWriMo, my end game. One blockbuster theme for my grand opus of a novel, which cannot happen until I finish the damn thing.

How about you guys? What’s the goal you’re working for?


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