The List


I have been beating my head against the sweet wall that is NaNoWriMo since 2009. Ten years after its inception. In that time I would like to think I have developed a fairly decent routine once the site relaunches every October.

  1. September 30th, anxiously awaiting the relaunch. Have a perfect idea set to go, just waiting to fill out my novel info.
  2. Finding the perfect cover art, either begging in the forums, pessimistically nominating myself for 30 Covers 30 Days, or trying my hand making something of my own.
  3. Not being happy with anything short of something I would pull off the shelf at Barnes and Noble.
  4. Wanting to start writing so bad that I end up writing 14,000 words of nothing but plot notes.
  5. Feeling burnt out by writing so much and getting nowhere.
  6. A Newer sexier idea comes and starts to tease.
  7. Massive internal debating about the integrity of sticking to the original plan versus chancing something new yet more interesting.
  8. Try to distract all inner dialogue by plotting how to split up the daily word count into the more productive hours of my day. 700 words during coffee and breakfast, 1,000 after dinner and before bed.
  9. Crushing self-realization that none of this matters because you know your laziness will defeat you.
  10. Counter realization that it is your own laziness, thus under your own control and capable of being beat.
  11. October 31st, completely drained. One eye barely opens at midnight as you write one ceremonial word before going 100 percent comatose.
  12. November 1st, best day ever! 3,000 plus words by bedtime, gonna win this thing!
  13. November 3rd, behind by like 500,000. This isn’t going to work well
  14. November 5th, sigh and give up altogether.
  15. November 25th, Thanksgiving hope! You can still get out of this with a respectable word count if you write till your fingers bleed, hello 4,000 word days!
  16. December 1st, hibernate for several months until April Camp NaNo notices bloom in the inbox.

While I am ever hopeful that THIS year will be the break in the curse, there is still comfort in the tradition.


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