J’adore la musique


Did you know, fair reader, that this well-admitted lover of music has actually got a couple of musical compositions under her belt?

Honestly, it’s a fact even I forgot. Being as this happened during that odd portion of my life that’s like one big blank spot. I did a lot of weird things during this period, mostly just because I operated outside of conventional reality.

For example, check out this post on our sister blog about that one time I thought it would be a good idea to do something that was not a very good idea to do.

But mostly what I did was make clip movies. I would steal pictures off Google and organize them like a mock book trailer with captions for whatever odd writing project I had going on. And this was good, in a time where I was not very happy this got me pretty close.

Then I got to thinking, well these trailers are great (not really in retrospect), wouldn’t it be great if I had my own theme song for them as well?

Keep in mind I am not at all musically inclined. I can pick out a song from any movie or show I heard it from, but as far as composing I couldn’t write a note to save my soul. Even then I knew this, but that didn’t stop me.

So I googled free music writing software and downloaded some such to my laptop those many years ago. I mean obviously, since I had no instruments or any recording equipment, surely I could electronically produce something with a program?

You can find my attempts here and here. And you know, the one person I know who did listen to them said that they were decent. A good first try if you will.

It’s actually nostalgically comforting to listen. Lord, I never knew I would ever EVER be nostalgic for that time in my life. But somehow it just reminds me of those late nights alone in silence where every single crazy thought was entertained in equal measure. Nights where I stayed up until the sun rose, and slept all day in the brightness.

I’ve long lost the thread to the actual story these masterpieces were for, something about an assassin who falls in love tries to leave the fold, then she is murdered by the fold and then goes out for revenge. Yeah, so original…

For now, this is the closest I’ve come to having my own theme song for any of my creations. But maybe someday I’ll be hearing a John Williams or Danny Elfman score as my characters are finally brought to life (in reality or animation I’m not very picky about which).


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