What DO You Make of It?

Life has inspired so many attempts to figure it out. It’s the most annoying thing to humanity. What is it all for? Why are we here, what is this working towards? Is this punishment, a lesson, a stopgap to judge you before your eternal placement?
Worse still, we fight and kill over just the idea that someone else has a different take on their purpose in life. We’re threatened by the mere concept of being wrong, and the natural following thought that our lives are wasting away because we’re wrong.

Seriously, WTF. No, I’m spelling it out. WHAT THE FUCK!

I can’t think too long about the fact that we are in the middle of another war just to prove some transcendental improbable idea about our existence, theoretical or not. Because it has been done to death, literally. Everyone knows it’s stupid and pointless, but everyone just goes along. It’s a tradition I guess.

One of my favorites, Douglas Adams, gets as close to my philosophy about life as you can get in modern literature. 42, or whatever you make of it. But more to the point, there is no point. And in that is all the beauty and chaos of life undisturbed. Exactly as it should be.

If you read his Hitchhikers Guide series to the end you may think it’s all a waste. Spoiler alert…they all die in the end. And not just die, the entire universe (well all the universes as there are many by the end) gets wiped out. Taking all of our beloved main characters with it.

And it’s not a tragedy. By the end, Arthur Dent just opens his arms wide and says something to the effect of FUCKING FINALLY. Then he’s gone. Poof, the man that traveled through time and dimensions and learned the secrets of the universe gone like he was never there.

I love this series so much, it is the standard by which I will forever judge my own opus in the making. Because it is as hilarious as it is smart and at the same time so very simple and true.

My philosophy is simple too. Life has no purpose or point, It isn’t some grand lesson or test of character. But it is at the same time too.

I see life as tossing you tool after tool. Most of the time you get clobbered in the head by a flying wrench, and you get so battered and bruised between trying to dodge the hammer but getting smacked by the anvil that it’s too easy to blame the tools for your current state.

But, if you can somehow manage to use the tools and the odd bits of material that once and awhile appear you can make something pretty neat out of it. Some people like to use it all up as it comes, some people patiently wait for the right things to hit them, and people like me enjoy maniacally throwing shit back to see what happens.

How I see it, we have no control over what came before or what is coming after. All we have is now. What ever came before or is coming after is irrelevant. 



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