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Well, it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and I am surrounded by sleeping cats which make it impossible to move. My only escape is in a tiny cheap laptop.

And this is what happens.

For those repeat visitors, it will already be apparent. But for those just passing through there is something amiss. Nothing great or terrible, just some (as the title would suggest) change.

First and most egregious would be the site title. While we started out simple with just a name, it has now become something more of a statement of current events. Life has of late been more about embracing the madness like a tidal wave you cannot outrun.

The specifics are not that important, as I know most if not all of you have spent portions of your life in such a state of questioning what the fuck is going on. There is nothing more I can do than ride it out and pray there is something left of me at the end.

Second, the view has been dabbled with as well. New theme, which I am not entirely sold on. And some new background imagery that really doesn’t flow with my header, but fuck it it’s bright and weird and of my own real-life creation.

All of this in an effort to boost my own creative output that has been nonexistent. Which has been a modest success seeing as I am at least writing this little blurb. Not really in the direction I was aiming for, but a form a forward motion just the same.

Just keeping the game going, even if it feels like tearing apart my own flesh to do so. I have an iron will like Beatrix Kiddo and now I am going to wiggle my atrophied big toe.


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