Well, it's a rainy Saturday afternoon and I am surrounded by sleeping cats which make it impossible to move. My only escape is in a tiny cheap laptop. And this is what happens. For those repeat visitors, it will already be apparent. But for those just passing through there is something amiss. Nothing great or... Continue Reading →


Who I Want to Be

I have been trying to get back to this blog forever. And it's not like life has been all that crazy either. I mean things have been happening, but nothing exciting that could keep me from spending a few quick seconds shooting off something here. I want to be that prolific, and I want to... Continue Reading →

What are Fathers For?

This is an honest to god question. I mean, aside from their tiny part in creating life, I just don't get it. I am aware that this is mostly because of my personal experience. I never had a real whole father figure in my life. It just seemed more like a vacancy that had to... Continue Reading →

Level Up

It has been mentioned in my previous postings that I had a misconception that this part of my life was going to be easy. Just because certain aspects of it were easier than others. I make more now, have plenty of paid time off so I never have less than 40 hours a week. I... Continue Reading →

Too Innocent

I have a reputation. Pretty much as the least threatening squishy human being that ever existed. While I am sure there are plenty of people out there I annoy, for the most part, people like me because I am simple and kind. In fact, the joke is already going around work with people I barely... Continue Reading →

I Know What It’s For

Another pop culture reference, enjoy if you get it. So you've heard me go on and on about this swanky new job of mine, and how much more confusing it is. At least in retail, there is a solid goal you work towards. Get product on sales floor and then sell product. It doesn't get... Continue Reading →

What DO You Make of It?

Life has inspired so many attempts to figure it out. It's the most annoying thing to humanity. What is it all for? Why are we here, what is this working towards? Is this punishment, a lesson, a stopgap to judge you before your eternal placement? Worse still, we fight and kill over just the idea... Continue Reading →

J’adore la musique

Did you know, fair reader, that this well-admittedĀ lover of music has actually got a couple of musical compositions under her belt? Honestly, it's a fact even I forgot. Being as this happened during that odd portion of my life that's like one big blank spot. I did a lot of weird things during this period,... Continue Reading →


  Anxiety is selfish. It isn't a popular or kind thing to say, but seeing as I have and will continue to live with anxiety my entire life I can say that this is very true. You may interpret this as blame or fault on the part of the inflicted persons. Not at all. It's... Continue Reading →

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